Thursday, September 16, 2010

bound with lace

exposing teeth and tail-
and tragically waiting for a duel.
something to keep me from sleep.
i'm tired of hearing about the hope you give tomorrow.
let the sun rise in your mind...
lights are out here.
i want to fornicate with your memory.
take condensed versions of you in pill form
and lie comatose on the floor.

please leave me.
please let me sleep.

i want to remember what it felt like.
i want to lie in its warmth.
i want to lose control over my shaky knees
and collapse from that nightly killing.

but you're busy killing other parts of me now...
things that are nearly as easily replaced or repaired.

to keep people from focusing on the blood,
i'll bind my wounds with lace...
anything to maintain that suitable air
of innocence and beauty.
ah, the foolish efforts we make to save face.
and the efforts we dont...

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