Thursday, September 16, 2010

claimed territory

i'd love to be sentimental
and clean all of these hurtful words
with the libations that allowed me
to smile through the dawn,
but the sound of your voice
is breaking all that
is sweet and clever-
i'll just form another memory in my sleep.
something that will allow me to love you when i wake-
to start another day where you exist
breaking, begging, stammering
through your excuses
and sore efforts.
it's become quite a familiar fortress i've built around my mornings-
awaking to find you've risen,
forgetting thoughts of nights prior,
when i lied in your mind
as a carcass
a whore
something worth beating
and screaming at
without hesitating.
you'll grasp at my tired thighs
and swollen lips
as though they are yours...
the only thing you seem to be accountable for.
claiming territory you'll never understand
or sympathize with.
its nearly poison to
miss you...
wishing you were warm
instead of cold...
and soft and quiet
instead of hard and so loud...

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