Friday, September 17, 2010


i'm trying to keep my chest from heaving too noticeably...
keeping my breath from scalding your back
and stirring you in your sleep.
because this may be the one time
i'm courageous enough to use this quiet space
between our bodies
for confessions,
and a safe place for these fears.

you'll be leaving me soon.
it's in the air-
heavier than spring but not nearly as sweet.

i'll continue to climb up and down your patience
like its something sculpted out of concrete-
strong enough to hold my weight,
my bullying,
the temper in my eyes.

i'm reminded every time someone walks away
that no one needs to sit through this.
there's no obligation-
no guarantee of my spirit rising with the new day's sun.
and i've been testing your generosity,
your kindness....
your hope of change.
but i told you i was no good at this.

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